Legacy Minded Men

What is Legacy Minded Men?

Our Mission
Transforming lives by engaging, encouraging and equipping men to build a Christ-centered legacy.

Our Vision
The vision of Legacy Minded Men is to move men from being unengaged and apathetic to someone who is fully engaged and a man of action. Through our servant based ministry we come alongside the local church, both small and large, to help build, or assist, with their men’s ministry which, if done properly, will not only impact the church but the man himself. This in turn will affect his family, his workplace and ultimately the community he serves in a powerful way.

Our Values
● Legacy is defined as anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. LMM asks the question, “What is your legacy?” and then helps men understand its importance;

● We support the work of pastors and local churches by providing training resources and expertise that build men and therefore strengthen the church;

● We create serving opportunities for men to use their time, talents and treasures in significant ways;

● We believe we honor God by doing everything with excellence and integrity. Bringing glory to God in all that we do;

● Breaking down the denominational barriers by focusing only on the salvation message of Jesus Christ;

● Equipping men to grow in their faith and the practical application of it in their lives;

● Enhancing fellowship, communication and relationship-building within the Christian community.